3 accused of kidnapping man who stole their ATV in southwest Miami-Dade

Suspects arrested Thursday on multiple charges

From left: Geovanny Viera Santos, 20, Javier Ortiz, 43, and Javier Delgado, 24.

MIAMI-DADE COUNTY, Fla. – Three men were arrested Thursday, days after they kidnapped a man who they claim stole their all-terrain vehicle, police said.

According to an arrest report, the suspects met with a man who knows the person who stole their ATV on Saturday under the guise that they were meeting up to sell a used vehicle.

Instead, two of the suspects forced the victim into their car and told them to tell them where the man was who stole their ATV, the report said.

Once they found that person, police said  Geovanny Viera Santos, 20, punched the victim in the face, shoved him into the trio's vehicle and questioned him about where their ATV was.

Police said Santos went through the victim's phone and found a photo of the stolen ATV parked at a hotel.

The group drove to the Inn of Homestead, where they met with the victim's mother in an attempt to retrieve the ATV.

Police said a witness heard the men telling the victim's mother, "You are not going to get him back until he starts to speak."

The suspects drove the victims back to their home and told them to stay in the car until police arrived.

After investigating the circumstances surrounding how the suspects tried to recover their ATV, police arrested them Thursday on charges of kidnapping, false imprisonment and felony battery.