Donald Trump holds 'future construction worker' baby

Republican candidate brings 'cute' baby on stage


TAMPA, Fla. – During a Saturday morning rally in Tampa, Donald Trump did what every politician has had to do to reflect the strong-man-with-a-soft-spot-for-babies image: He planted a smooch on the head of a baby.

Trump also reminded voters that Florida is his second home. He said he plans to "repeal and replace" Obamacare, end the Syrian refugee program and "keep radical Islamic terrorists the hell out of our country."  But what made international news after his rally, had nothing to do with any of this. 

"Look at that baby, so cute," Trump said. "Oh! Give me that baby. That baby."

Trump walked down the stairs, grabbed a baby with chubby cheeks,  took him on stage, kissed him, and lifted him for everyone to see.

Before leaving the stage to return the baby, he said, "future construction worker."

Trump must win Florida's 29 electoral votes to have a shot at winning.

Earlier in his campaign in Virginia, Trump was criticized for jokingly telling a mom with a crying baby during a rally, " you can get the baby out of here."

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