Miami-Dade elections officials report big early voting turnout

Justice Department to monitor 67 counties on Election Day, including Miami-Dade

DORAL, Fla. – Monday was a busy day for the folks at elections headquarters in Miami-Dade County.

Workers spent part of the day taking at a look at absentee ballots with questionable signatures. 

The county uses digital signatures from previous elections to determine if the ballot can legally be counted or looks at the signature used on the voter-application form.  

The canvassing board was still going through those 900 ballots Monday afternoon. 

Miami-Dade County elections officials said early turnout was big enough that slightly less than a third of voters in the county are expected to cast their ballot on Election Day. 

"The department is setting up all of our 591 polling locations. Our poll workers set up the equipment and make sure we are ready for tomorrow morning," Miami-Dade elections supervisor Christina White said.

White said a record number of voters cast their ballots early.

About 763,000 people voted early in the county, which is about 55 percent of the 80 percent turnout that is expected when the polls close Tuesday night.

The figure is the highest early-vote participation in county history.

"So with 55 percent of our voters already participating, we’re preparing for about a 25 percent Election Day turnout, which is pretty good. So, we’ll be ready for every voter that has waited until Election Day," White said.

The Justice Department announced Monday that it will monitor 67 counties across the country, including Miami-Dade.

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