2 precinct clerks fired at Herb Skolnick Center in Pompano Beach after disturbance

Fight breaks out between man, woman at Jupiter polling location

POMPANO BEACH, Fla. – Two precinct clerks were fired Tuesday at the Herb Skolnick Center in Pompano Beach after a disturbance.

A representative from the Broward Sheriff’s Office said deputies were called to keep the peace at the polling location after the disturbance.

Broward County election officials said two clerks were fired because they did not adhere to "procedure and policy," but would not elaborate about the circumstances surrounding the disturbance.

Election officials said the clerks were replaced by an assistant clerk.

"There was some commotion. Some police came. (There was some) different talking going on about some argument inside. I didn't really see anything. They came outside. They talked out here for a little bit and then they left," voter Steven Labombard said. "I figure everyone has an opinion, you know, and sometimes those opinions clash."

Some voters were upset at another Pompano Beach polling location because a man was standing nearby holding a Hillary Clinton doll that was hanging by a rope. However, he was standing on a public sidewalk and was not harassing anyone walking by to vote.

Another incident was reported in Palm Beach County. Jupiter police said Republican supporters were passing out campaign material when a voter got upset.

WPBF reports that a man and a woman exchanged words and got into an altercation after the man went inside to vote and came back out.

"She's talking to somebody else and says, 'That's little man. Yeah. That's little man,' and then a derogatory term that I will won't repeat on TV," Tom Garrecht said.

Republican supporter Donna Tatlici told reporters that Garrecht charged at her.

"(She) sprayed me with pepper spray. At that point, I went after her and knocked everything out her hands," Garrecht said.

Tatlici said Garrecht threw her on the ground and punched her multiple times.

Garrecht was not arrested but said that police will likely charge him with assault.

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