Hillary Clinton votes in New York, gets ready for election night watch party

Clinton campaigns in Pennsylvania, North Carolina ahead of Election Day

NEW YORK – The campaigning has finally come to an end for Hillary Clinton, who cast her vote Tuesday in hopes of becoming the country's first female president.

Both Hillary and Bill Clinton voted Tuesday morning at an elementary school in Chappaqua, New York.

The Democratic presidential nominee spent Monday night in Philadelphia, where she hosted a rally for tens of thousands of people.

She was joined by President Obama and first lady Michelle Obama, as well as singers Bruce Springsteen and Jon Bon Jovi, who performed at the rally.

Clinton spoke to the crowd, giving a positive, unifying image for voters in her final push. 

"Maybe most importantly, you voted in great numbers to demonstrate conclusively, once and for all, that yes, love trumps hate," Clinton said.

Clinton held another rally at midnight in Raleigh, North Carolina.

Bon Jovi also joined her there, along with Lady Gaga.

Clinton then flew to New York, where she voted Tuesday morning and will host a Democratic watch party Tuesday night.

Her running mate, Tim Kaine, also cast his ballot Tuesday morning at a Virginia polling location.

Kaine told reporters that there were lines if voters before the polls even opened.

A huge early voter turnout was reported in Florida, where more than half of registered voters already made their choices.

Clinton and Kaine will speak to hundreds of supporters Tuesday night at the Jacob Javits Convention Center in New York.

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