BSO rookie deputy accused of trying to extort victim for sexual favors

Trazell McLeod fired last month by Sheriff Scott Israel

BROWARD COUNTY, Fla. – A rookie deputy hired this year by the Broward Sheriff's Office is out of a job and facing multiple charges after he allegedly tried to extort someone.

Trazell McLeod, 20, was fired Oct. 20 after the investigation was opened. McLeod bonded out of jail Friday morning.

"It's always disappointing to learn that a deputy who swore to serve and protect the public was only out to serve himself," Broward County Sheriff Scott Israel said.

A termination form said McLeod has no rights to appeal his termination because he was still in a probationary period. He was hired in February.

File: Termination letter send to Trazell McLeod

According to an arrest warrant, McLeod threatened to have criminal charges pressed on Oct. 16 with an intent to extort the victim for sexual favors.

McLeod allegedly told the victim, "You're going to have to (expletive) me. I'm not only talking about one time -- on a consistent basis."

Authorities said McLeod falsified a police report the next day, stating that he had found crack cocaine on the ground rather than on the victim. Detectives said he falsified the report with the intent to obtain sexual favors from the victim.

McLeod is also accused of trying to criminally charge an innocent person for the cocaine possession four hours after the drugs were seized.

File: Arrest warrant for Trazell McLeod

McLeod was arrested Thursday on charges of extortion, official misconduct and attempting to tamper with or fabricating physical evidence.

"I am extremely proud of the swift actions of our Internal Affairs and Public Corruption units," Israel said. "Within four days of receiving the complaint, they investigated, conducted surveillance and brought forth evidence to support the immediate termination of this rookie deputy."

McLeod participated in Local 10 News' My Future, My Choice town hall earlier this year, where he said that he got into law enforcement to help people.

McLeod was considered a rising star inside the ranks at BSO and he was a police explorer as a teenager before being hired as a full-fledged deputy.

McLeod bailed out of jail Friday morning. A woman who accompanied him told reporters that he "would have his day in court."

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