Safety pin movement comes to Miami, New York, Los Angeles

Fear of intolerance during Donald Trump's presidency prompts #safetypin

MIAMI – Have you noticed an increase in people wearing safety pins? The British #safetypin movement in support of immigrants is showing up in areas of Miami, New York, Los Angeles and other parts of the country. 

In the way of the Brexit vote, there were reports of racist and anti-Semitic abuse. As a sign of solidarity, some in London began to post selfies wearing little safety pins. It was a movement inspired on the #illridewithyou movement against an anti-immigrant sentiment in Australia.

An image explaining the movement was going viral on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter on Saturday. The symbol, the image says, means "if you are muslim, a woman, LGBQ, a person of color, Latinx, trans, an immigrant, disabled, afraid ... I am here. Speak, I will listen. I will hold you, stand up for you ... I love you."

The symbol was shared with hash tags reacting to the results of the presidential election. Some were event getting tattoos of the symbol and sharing it on social media on Saturday. 

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#safetypin #gayla #empowerment

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Our future was stolen. #safetypin

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