Hundreds of anti-Trump protestors march through streets of South Florida

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. – For the third straight night, hundreds protesting the election of President-elect Donald Trump marched through the streets of South Florida.

Unlike the violence seen at protests across the country, Sunday's protest was loud but very peaceful. Protestors not only spoke out against Trump but also demanded change the process of electing a president.

"The majority of America did not vote for Trump. We are here to make a statement about racism, bigotry and the hate," Jeffrey Koket said. 

Sunday's protest involved more than 300 in downtown Fort Lauderdale.

The peaceful protest attracted all different ages and races. Escorted by police, the group walked more than six miles

Some bystanders stood quietly, recording every moment. 

Others got heated. In fact, one woman was taken away in handcuffs after coming face-to-face with police.

Others came out to support the president-elect.

"He's a decision-maker and he's going to surround himself with the best and brightest. No matter what sex they are or what color they are he wants best and brightest," John Allred said. 

At times, Broward and Las Olas boulevards were shut down for the protest. 

There were no injuries and only one arrest.