Rescued bald eagle found in storm drain dies

Female eagle took turn for worse over the weekend

(Audubon Birds of Prey)

ORLANDO, Fla. – The bald eagle rescued from an Orlando storm drain last week has died.

The bird’s condition started to deteriorate over the weekend, the center said.

On Sunday, the eagle started showing signs of paralysis and its blood values dropped, the Audubon center said.

The bald eagle was taken to Winter Park Veterinary Hospital for treatment.

Veterinarians tried to rule out a possible blood clot or spinal trauma and it appears there is fluid around her heart.

Law enforcement and animal rescue crews Thursday worked to rescue two eagles, who were found stuck in a storm drain on Goldenrod Road during rush hour.

One bird was able to free itself and fly away. A female bird was removed from the drain by specialists from the Audubon Center for Birds of Prey and Florida Fish and Wildlife.

The female bird had been receiving treatment at Audubon for leg and chest injuries as well as puncture wounds and a cracked beak.

The center originally estimated that the bald eagle's recovery would take about six weeks.