Anti-Trump UM students hold march in Coral Gables

Similar protest held at FIU

CORAL GABLES, Fla. – A group of students from the University of Miami chanted and marched in unison Thursday throughout Coral Gables to show their displeasure with the election of Donald Trump as U.S. president and the rhetoric, they said, he promotes. 

"We knew that we weren't the only ones who felt like that. We wanted to make sure that everyone on campus felt like there were still people out here who were willing to fight for their rights," protest organizer Calvin Chappell said.

"Because of the rise of hate crimes and stuff like that, that's why I'm out here," demonstrator Tommy Richmond said. "We need to help those people, to voice my opinion (and) to voice their opinion as well."

"America is the land of the free. Think about that it. Is it really the land of the free when he's going against the First Amendment?" Chelsea Chico asked.

A large group gathered on the main campus of Florida International University on Wednesday with a similar message, saying that they are against Trump and his policies, and hope to make FIU a sanctuary campus. 

"It's a lot easier to ignore things or dismiss them when you can just scroll past it on Facebook, but it's a lot harder when you see a group of 50-plus people marching and chanting the same thing," Chappell said.

While the results of the election show not everyone agrees with their message, demonstrators said they'll keep fighting to get their message across.

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