Surveillance video shows savage attack at Miami Gardens restaurant

Man attacks woman at Jamaican House Restaurant

MIAMI GARDENS, Fla. – Police were searching for a man who recently attacked a woman at a restaurant in Miami Gardens.

Marsha Taylor was recovering from the shock of the Tuesday attack at the Jamaican House Restaurant on Northwest Second Avenue and 195th Street.

Taylor said she didn't know the man, who appeared to be drunk. He was trying to get her attention. And at one point, she said, he took out cash and asked, "How much? How much?"

Taylor said that when she ignored him, he insulted her.  She responded and he stood up and rushed to punch her with such force that she ended up on the ground. Two men rushed to try to stop him. 

"When I was on the floor, I covered my face," Taylor said. "One of the hits he missed and he hit the glass."

Taylor said she felt lucky that she didn't suffer cuts to her face. She wants the man caught.  

"He is like a monster," Taylor said. "He is a complete monster. He looked like an animal."

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