Security tightens up at Mar-a-Lago Club during Trump family Thanksgiving visit

PALM BEACH, Fla. – Security is incredibly tight around the Mar-a-Lago Club this week as President-elect Donald Trump and his family are in Palm Beach to celebrate Thanksgiving. 

Secret Service and sheriff's deputies were posted around the perimeter of the lavish waterfront property as Trump prepares to enjoy the holiday.

"They're stopping all the trucks and searching every truck," Palm Beach resident Andrew Krinsky said.

The future first family arrived in Palm Beach on Tuesday and a day later, school busses were parked in front of the Trump jet, likely as a security precaution.

"I've been a Donald trump supporter from the beginning," Palm Beach County resident Janusz Piskupek said.

Piskupek drove to Mar-a-Lago from Boca Raton just to be close to the president-elect.

"He works very, very hard," Piskupek said.

Meanwhile, flight restrictions were put in place around the waterfront club.  The security on the water is also very tight, as the Coast Guard set up several security zones.

"I'm not very proud, actually, that he had two towers very close to where we live," seasonal resident Brinlee Shultz said.

And while not everyone is thrilled to have Trump in the area, it's not all about politics.

"People are staying away from the area," gift shop owner David Leon said.

Leon said his store has seen less customers because people are trying to avoid the traffic.

"I've checked the years before, previous years," Leon said. "We've done a little better. A lot better actually then we have done in the last couple of days. And I think it is because Mr. Trump is here."

The Trump family is expected to go back to New York on Sunday.