360-degree videos of Little Havana after Fidel Castro's death

Caravan of cars leads to street party at Versailles, La Carreta


MIAMI – Minutes after Cuban President Raul Castro announced Fidel Castro was dead, hundreds of families in Miami-Dade began to drive to Little Havana. 

When it began to rain, most remained in their cars, honking their horns. Others found parking on the side of the road and walked over to Eighth Street and 42nd Avenue, where Miami police officers blocked access to cars. 

LITTLE HAVANA | Drivers on Eighth Street early Saturday morning

Emily Marquez, 6, sat on a wall at Versailles Restaurant, where Cubans began to plot against Castro decades before she was born. She was watching adults "acting silly." They were using spoons to bang on pots and others were blowing on horns and playing music.

"It's an important day," Emily said, as she held a Cuban flag. Mom hugged her from behind. 

LITTLE HAVANA | Versailles crowd early Saturday morning

Leonel Valladares, 5, was on his father's shoulders. He was also waving a Cuban flag and staring at the revelry with his family. He was shouting: "Cuba Libre! Cuba Libre!"

Both of their parents brought them out to witness, what they both described as a historic morning for Cubans in Miami.

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