Memorial honoring Bay of Pigs veterans announced

Ladies in White, Cuban dissidents among those at announcement

MIAMI – Cuban exiles gathered Sunday morning at the Bay of Pigs Museum in Miami.

Some clutched the photos of loved ones who never lived to see the day that former Cuban leader Fidel Castro died.

"We are proud of how our community, particularly our youth, has mobilized in the past few days in demanding freedom to Cuba upon the death of a tyrant, " Humberto Arguelles, president of the Bay of Pigs Veterans Association, said.

The Ladies in White, along with Cuban dissidents, were at the museum when a memorial rally honoring Bay of Pigs veterans was announced.

The rally will take place in Little Havana at 5 p.m. Wednesday at the Bay of Pigs Memorial.

"It’s not the immediate end of communism, but it is the end of an area," Maria Elena Alpizar, one of the Ladies in White, said.

Arguelles said Castro’s death Friday at age 90 has brought a renewed hope to the communist Caribbean island nation, as has the election of Republican businessman Donald Trump as president of the United States.

"I want to take the opportunity to thank President-elect Donald J. Trump for the truthful and morally correct words of encouragement to the Cuban people that he issued upon the death of a tyrant," Arguelles said.  

Across town, the sentiment remained the same.

Hundreds of people gathered outside Versailles Restaurant on Eighth Street for the second day of celebrations, which caused Miami police to close the street.

"He's dead. He's dead," someone was heard saying on the street.