'The head of the snake is gone' Willy Chirino says of Castro's death

Chirino speaks to crowds at cafe

LITTLE HAVANA, Fla. – Cuban salsa signer and longtime Fidel Castro critic Willy Chirino arrived at Versailles Cuban Café Saturday to cheering crowds.

 Chirino and his wife Lissette Alvarez shared their feelings on the death of the former Cuban leader. 

"Mixed emotions, peace of mind for the fact that the head of the snake is gone the person who caused so much suffering," Chirino said.

Throughout the day the mood was celebratory along Southwest Eighth Street in Miami’s Little Havana neighborhood.

There were strong statements and even impersonations of the long-time dictator.

"Last time you ever see this uniform on Fidel," Jose Fernandez said. "Fidel is gone."

Fernandez is among those who believe Castro’s death is a symbolic step that change will come to Cuba.

"It will eventually, it will Cuban people can not still be under that regime it has to be free," he said.

Manuel Garcia  came out to the street to remember loved ones who didn’t live to see the day.

His own parents came to the United States in 1964.

"Everything was taken away from them, " Garcia said. "Everything that they earned and that's the key things that they earned. There was a middle class in Cuba. "

Saturday's message was one of unity and hope for Cubans.

"Live with dignity with human rights, that's the most important thing. Let's be one, " Lissette Alvarez said.

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