Cuban exiles usher in second day of celebrations in Little Havana

Little Havana becomes site of celebrations after death of Fidel Castro

MIAMI – Southwest Eighth Street reopened Sunday night. The clamor of the past two days was as strong as ever.

Cuban exiles ushered in a second day of celebrations outside Versailles in Little Havana where the emotions over the former Cuban dictator Fidel Castro are still raw.

"I've never gone back because I made a vow that I would never go back until the regime ceased to exist. It's closer today? I hope so," Lisette Sauleda-Gonshak, a Cuban exile, said. 

Sauleda-Gonshak, her daughter and son couldn't have been happier to share in the moment and the hope of what may come next to Cuba the turning of a page some of their loved ones could only dream about.

"My hope is that this the beginning of a long process of freedom for the Cuban people," Leslie Gonshak said. 

Earlier in the day, the chorus of celebration spilled onto 8th Street forcing police to close the road for another day. The get-together came as word spread of a rally that will take place on Wednesday. 

"We are proud of how the community particularly our youth has mobilized in the past few days in demanding freedom to Cuba upon the death of the tyrant," Humberto Arguelles, president of the Bay of Pigs Veterans Association, said. 

 At the Bay of Pigs museum, Cuban exiles, political prisoners and the Ladies in White called for a unity rally at the memorial honoring veterans of the Bay of Pigs. 

"Esto va ser el fin del communismo.. que no?" Maria Elena Alpizar, of the Ladies in White, said. 

"It's not the immediate end of communism, but it is the end of an era," said one of the Ladies in White.

Organizers of Wednesday's rally hope to build on the emotional reality of one less Castro in Cuba. 

"We call on all our community to maintain this pressure because these are critical times for democracy in Cuba." Arguelles said. 


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