Truckers engage in epic English road-rage incident

MANCHESTER, ENGLAND – It has now been proven that road-rage is a language spoken all over the world.

Video from England captured an international version of what usually seems to be a time-honored American tradition.

The video picks up after two trucks were involved in a small collision outside Manchester.

After a brief discussion between the parties, things go seriously downhill when the two men in the larger truck ask the other driver for his insurance information.

The driver of the flatbed truck attacks one of the other men before getting back into his vehicle with a mind to inflict some serious damage.

The flatbed then begins to ram the other truck multiple times.

And if that wasn't enough, the flatbed driver once again gets out of his truck and attacks the cab of the larger truck.

Fully enraged, the driver grabs and shovel to break into the cab where the other men have locked themselves inside.

When that proved unsuccessful, the flatbed driver simply drove off.

Police are looking for the man and hoping someone recognizes him from the video.