Watch: Woman posts hilarious rant about Kohl's Cash


DETROIT – A woman posted fed up with the wait posted a hilarious rant to her Snapchat about a customer holding up the line at Kohl's.

Amanda Bell, using various Snapchat filters to tell her story, retold an account where a woman in line had too many questions about Kohl's Cash.

The video has more than 170,000 views on YouTube. Kohl's actually responded to the video. 

Here's what Amanda posted about the rant:

Just keeping it real! When you're in a rush and you don't have time for that clueless and slow customer that's ahead of you in line "ain't got time for that" I'm a working mama and have two kids! I like to say the things that others may keep bottled up inside, because they don't want to be judged. Between mother's, kids, husband's,boyfriends,friends,pet owners Ect. The list goes on, but I myself like to keep it real and share my thoughts and experiences on life itself and say the things others may not feel they can. You are not alone out there!! Life is hard and sometimes we all need to just keep it real to support eachother.

Watch the video below (WARNING: There is some strong language used)

​Well, your video had us laughing. http://bit.ly/AmandaBellVideo And we knew a simple comment back wouldn't do! #keepinitreal

Posted by Kohl's on Thursday, December 1, 2016

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