Plantation police hand out parking tickets at Hyatt house

Neighbors believe tickets are act of revenge

PLANTATION, Fla. – A judge sided with the Hyatt family of Plantation earlier this year and threw out a lawsuit filed by the city of Plantation which claimed that the massive light display and the crowds it attracts were a nuisance.

Now, some in the community believe the city is getting its revenge by ticketing people who go to view the home.

"We weren't there for 15 minutes and a whole line of cars had tickets on them, must have been 30 that we saw," Chris Keefe, who got a ticket after seeing the lights, said.

Keefe is just one of the many who received a parking ticket.

He'd parked on Old Hiatus Road to see the lights. It's the same streets families have been parking on for years during the holidays. 

"It's pretty disheartening to you. It's the holiday time. Everyone's trying to come over and bring their family to enjoy this and they're just sweeping it up," Keffe said.

There are signs that say "no parking" on the road, and neighbors said those signs went up only after the Hyatts started their battle with the city and have never been enforced until now. 

"They're singling these people out and I think it's a shame," neighbor Nina Fornalski said.

Fornalski believes the city is acting out of retaliation.

"For years, I mean, for years, they've been parking up and down, just with these churches, and there are quite a few just between Broward and Sunrise (boulevards)," she said.

Fornalski has supported the Hyatts and said cars are welcome to park in her front yard to avoid a ticket.

She said she hopes the ticketing stops.

"I think they should grab their family and come down and enjoy the joy of Christmas," Fornalski said. 

Plantation police had no comment.