Woman gives birth to baby boy at McDonald's restaurant

Nurse helps woman deliver baby at fast-food restaurant in Sarasota


MIAMI – A nurse who was getting breakfast at a McDonald's restaurant in Sarasota ended up helping a woman to deliver a baby boy named Parker. 

The restaurant employees and customers heard Cathy Jordan screaming. A man went to the bathroom to check up on Jordan, but rushed out in panic. He shouted, "She is pregnant! She is pregnant!"

April Jones told an ABC News affiliate reporter she was there about 10 a.m., Dec. 17,  just in time to help Jordan, who was in labor. 

The baby was blue, so Jones clamped the umbilical cord, and when paramedics cut it, the baby started breathing, Jones said. Jordan and the newborn's father, Shawn Jordan, were grateful for Jones. 

"Everything I needed to do just came to me," Jones said during the ABC News interview. "I thought to my self, 'This has to be the strongest child I have ever seen in my life.' "



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