Coral Springs road-rage victim died from 'multiple blunt force injuries,' autopsy says

Paul Peterman listed as 'pedestrian involved in motor vehicle accident'

CORAL SPRINGS, Fla.Cellphone video captured Paul Peterman diving into the truck of an off-duty Broward Sheriff's Office firefighter, who then punched the gas. Moments later, Peterman would be found dead.

According to an autopsy report obtained by Local 10 News, the 37-year-old died as a result of "multiple blunt force injuries."

He's listed as a "pedestrian involved in a motor vehicle accident."

Attorney Eric Schwartzreich is representing Joshua Tullis, the BSO firefighter.

File: Paul Peterman autopsy report

"Did he fall when my client was getting away from the zone of danger?" Schwartzreich said. "I don't know. I would be speculating, but I know that there should not be any criminal charges here, because my client was attacked in his car."

Schwartzreich said Tullis was fleeing a dangerous attack when he sped off. A short time later, Peterman, who was deaf, would be found in the road with multiple skull fractures, a broken neck and other trauma.

Peterman's family, who spoke with Local 10 News in October, is distraught that he is gone. But Tullis' attorney said his client was doing what he had to do.

"It's a tragedy that Mr. Peterman lost his life, but what happened here is that Mr. Peterman jumped in, the video shows, into my client's car. My client was attacked and he left the zone of danger," Schwartzreich said.