Gunman tosses clerk to floor during 7-Eleven robbery in Miami

Nov. 23 armed robbery caught on camera

MIAMI – Police are trying to identify a gunman who fought with a 7-Eleven clerk in Miami before stealing cash from the register.

The Nov. 23 armed robbery was caught on surveillance video.

Miami police said a man entered the store early that morning as the clerk was stocking the shelves.

Police said the man pretended to be a customer, grabbing some items before walking to the counter as if to pay for them. However, once the clerk returned to the counter, the man pulled out a gun wrapped in a plastic bag and began yelling obscenities at him.

Surveillance video showed the gunman walk around to the other side of the counter as the clerk tries to climb over the counter, but the gunman grabs him and throws him to the floor.

Police said the gunman ordered the clerk to open the register. The video showed the clerk walk to the back of the store and out of harm's way as the gunman rummages through the register.

The gunman ran out of the store with an undetermined amount of money.

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