Weird TV moment: It's Teen Vogue's Lauren Duca vs. Fox News' Tucker Carlson

Teen Vogue writer attacks when Tucker mocks her


MIAMI – What was supposed to be a discussion about the instance when a man confronted Ivanka Trump during a JetBlue flight to Palm Beach, turned into a mockery.

It was Fox News Tucker Carlson vs. Teen Vogue's Lauren Duca.

Duca, the magazine's weekend editor, took to Twitter when it happened. 

"Ivanka Trump is poised to become the most powerful woman in the world. Don't let her off the hook because she looks like she smells good."

Duca has been critical of Trump. Next to the beauty tips for teenage girls and women in their early 20s, the Teen Vogue website and quarterly print magazine also features news stories. They covered the presidential election.

When Duca accused Carlson of being a "partisan hack" who was there to attack her and not to have a discussion, Carlson followed with the word "moronic" and listed some of her magazine stories to mock her. 

Duca's defense: "A woman can love Ariana Grande and her thigh-high boots and still discuss politics."

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