Sunrise man accused of grabbing 17-year-old girl, touching her private parts

Tomas Estrella arrested in connection with alleged Christmas attack


SUNRISE, Fla. – A Sunrise man was arrested on Christmas after he grabbed a 17-year-old girl and touched her private parts as she tried to get away, police said.

Tomas Estrella, 29, faces charges of sexual assault, battery and false imprisonment.

According to a Sunrise police affidavit, the teenager was walking along North Pine Island Road about 6:30 p.m. when a man, later identified as Estrella, made contact with her.

The teen told police that Estrella shouted at her, asking her if she wanted to come to his place so they could "drink and smoke some weed." She said Estrella showed her a plastic bag filled with cookies and snacks.

After the teen refused and turned to walk away, Estrella grabbed her by the back of her neck and pulled her toward him, spinning her around so that she was facing him again, police said.

The teen said Estrella grabbed her throat, digging his nails into her neck. She pushed him to try to get away, but Estrella slapped her in the face, police said.

Estrella then pulled the teen close to him, lifted up her shirt and put his hand down her pants, police said. The teen said she screamed for him to stop and tried to get away, but Estrella overpowered her.

The teen eventually kneed and punched Estrella in the groin, allowing her to get away, police said. She told police about what happened and identified Estrella from a photographic lineup.

Police said Estrella admitted to making contact with the teen, but he denied touching her.

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