CBP computer outage delays dozens of international flights at local airports

Computers back on line after outage

MIAMI – A nationwide computer outage at Customs and Border Protection delayed passengers on dozens of international flights Monday night from entering the country at local airports.

Officials said the outage began at approximately 6 p.m., but computers were back on line by 11 p.m.

CBP officials said there is no indication the disruption was malicious in nature, but travelers called the incident a nightmare.

Thousands of travelers who were returning home from the holiday weekend were forced to wait in long lines. It was so crowded and hot that some people got nauseous.

"We waited about two and a half hours, and there were babies throwing up and people peeing themselves. It was pretty bad," John Rodriguez said.

"There were thousands of people, hot and sweaty," Olivia Meikle said. (There was) no water and there were people puking everywhere."

Many passengers took to social media to post photos and videos of the massive crowds.

Miami-Dade Fire Rescue treated seven people for exhaustion and anxiety.

Many were overwhelmed by the hot and stuffy conditions as they waited to reunite with their loved ones.

"I've been waiting approximately an hour and a half for my parents," Leanet Gonzalez said. "They're arriving from Cuba, from Caminas and it's crazy because they're texting me and they're super frustrated and they have an 8-year-old child."
The cause of the outage remains under investigation.

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