Deputies search for driver after cyclist fatally hit in Weston

'He was just very cautious,' wife of rider says

WESTON, Fla. – Chris Mohr was 10 minutes into a 6-mile bike ride on Sunday when he was struck and killed by a vehicle.

The person who struck the 50-year-old, who was riding from his Weston home to Markham Park, is accused of having fled the scene.

On Monday, the Broward Sheriff's Office said deputies found a white, older-model vehicle with front-end damage that matches the description of the vehicle that hit Mohr.

Deputies have not confirmed if the car was the one involved in the hit-and-run. 

"Maybe they were panicked, but it's 24 hours later. At some point you have to take ownership for what you did," Robin Mohr said.  

Robin Mohr said her husband, who died on their daughter's 21st birthday, had started cycling about six years ago.

"He actually bought me a bike, so it was something we could do together," Robin Mohr said. "Even when we rode together, we never rode side-by-side, he always rode behind me in the bike lane."

She said her husband never took risks when riding, and made sure he was being as safe as possible.

"He was just very cautious," Robin Mohr said.

A group of cyclists mourned Monday night where they once gathered to ride.

"He was training for a 100-mile race and we're going to miss him," David Korva, with Levee Riders, said. "He was a good, good friend. This person has to own up to their mistake. We consider it an accident. Of course nobody wants to run over a cyclist on purpose."

Robin Mohr said the silence is adding to the heartache.

"His daughter was daddy's little girl," Robin Mohr said. "His son was his best friend. He was an amazing husband."

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