Cops mistake kitty litter for meth, arrest man


HOUSTON – A Texas man was arrested and jailed after police found half a pound of methamphetamine in his car.

But there was just one slight problem.

It wasn't methamphetamine, it was kitty litter.

Harris County Sheriff's deputies believed they had found the drugs in Ross Lebeau's car in early December.

"They thought they had the biggest bust in Harris County. This was the bust of the year for them," Lebeau told KTRK.

The department thought they made such a huge bust, they even sent out a news release bragging that their actions may have "kept our children and loved ones free from being introduced to drugs."

What the officers thought were drugs was actually kitty litter inside a sock that was used to keep his windows from fogging up.

However, Lebeau says he does not blame the deputies as their field tests twice registered positive for meth.

It wasn't until a lab test showed the substance was kitty litter did authorities admit to making a mistake. Charges against Lebeau were dropped on Jan. 4.