Man arrested in connection with robbery of Navy Federal Credit Union in Miami

Enrique Antonio Gamez, 35, allegedly robs bank, passes out cash in Miami Beach

MIAMI – A 35-year-old man from Miramar was arrested Monday for his involvement in the robbery of a Navy Federal Credit Union branch in Miami, authorities said.

FBI spokesman Jim Marshall said Enrique Antonio Gamez, 35, was arrested Monday night by Miami Beach police after robbing the credit union at 909 SE First Ave.

An Uber driver, Mike Billy, allegedly forced to drive Gamez around posted a series of three videos to Facebook, the first showing a man in a suit, identified as Gamez, inside a bank.

The man appears relaxed as he is in line. The screen goes black and the man in the suit gets a pink envelope with money from a teller, and makes comments about the government before telling the teller he is going to surrender.

"Once I give away this money to people who are poor, I'll surrender and I'll answer to the judges. I'll answer to the media," the man in the suit said. "They're lying to us. They're telling us Russia hacked the election, and they're going to start a war."

The other two videos show the man in the suit inside a car and speaking about the government.

Billy then turns to the camera and said that Gamez has a bomb.

"He's got a bomb and has got me riding around with him," the man said.

Witnesses said Gamez got on top of the car and started giving away the money on Ocean Drive while ranting. 

He then tried to call law enforcement on himself, witnesses said.

The FBI confirmed that two people were initially taken into custody, but one was released.

Portions of Ocean Drive were closed Monday night as police investigated the case. In addition, a bomb squad was called to Gamez's home in Miramar. 

Both scenes were ultimately deemed safe. 

Marshall said Gamez faces federal charges.

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