Moment of reflection held at Fort Lauderdale airport a week after shooting rampage

5 victims killed in attack

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. – It has been a week Friday since a lone gunman randomly shot people inside Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport's Terminal 2 baggage claim area.

The shooting was reported at 12:54 p.m., and that is when they had a moment of reflection on Friday.

Some people wept uncontrollably and others hugged and leaned on one another for support.

"Our ability to come together as a family is tremendous," FLL employee Steven Wiesner said. "We have had to overcome a lot in a very short period of time."

Five people were killed and another six were injured by gunfire when Esteban Santiago, 26, flew in from Alaska and began firing at his victims, police said.

Authorities said he retrieved his checked baggage where he had a gun and ammunition stored, and then loaded the weapon in the bathroom.

Security footage shows him firing in the terminal.

"I still cant believe it," FLL employee Vincent Ranelli, who was working the day of the attack, said. "When I lay in bed, I picture the elderly lady that got shot, the grandmother. Yeah, it is a sad ordeal. Believe me, it is sad."

The airport was shut down for hours and there was massive confusion and chaos as police believed there was a second shooter, which turned out not to be the case.

Since then, surveillance video of the shooting was illegally recorded and released, allegedly by Broward sheriff's Deputy Michael Dingman, who has been suspended with pay pending an investigation.

The disturbing video shows Santiago pulling a 9-millimeter handgun from his waistband and firing shots at people's heads.

Santiago dropped the gun and ran, but was arrested and now faces multiple federal charges, each possibly carrying the death penalty, and more charges are pending.

Authorities said Santiago confessed to the killing spree and carefully planned the attack.

The former U.S. soldier's family said he had mental issues and he even went to the FBI's office in Anchorage, saying that the government was controlling his mind.

His weapon was confiscated for only four days and he received some treatment, but that was the last contact the FBI had with him until the mass shooting.

The five victims killed were travelers from around the country, including Terry Andres, of Virginia Beach, who was on vacation with his wife to celebrate his 63rd birthday.

Olga Woltering was traveling with her husband from Atlanta and was supposed to take a cruise.

Michael Ohme and his wife Kari from Council Bluffs, Nebraska, were also headed for the high seas. Michael Ohme was killed and his wife survived a shoulder wound.

Shirley Timmons and her husband Steve were also getting ready to go on a cruise. They had just flown in from Ohio.

Shirley Timmons was killed. Her husband was shot in the face and remains in critical condition at the hospital.

Mary Louise Amsibel was also from Ohio and was killed in the attack. 

The victims were remembered in a ceremony exactly a week after their lives were taken and many others were forever changed.