High tide causes severe coastal flooding in Havana

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HAVANA – Severe coastal flooding was reported in Havana Tuesday thanks to high tide that rushed through the famous seawall, the Malecon.

The high tide swept away and overturned cars, inundating neighborhoods along the coast and making it hard for people to get around. Some were even forced out of their homes. 

Cuban authorities acted quickly to make sure everyone was safe.

Along Paseo, just three blocks from the Malecon, pumps were used to get the water out.

A woman who lives in the area said the water eventually goes away, but not before leaving a mess.

Several garages were completely flooded, and several cars were flipped on their side.

People in the area watched and waited Monday night as drains could barely keep up with the rushing water.

While Cuban authorities organize their next move, the water keeps inching farther inland.

Crews were seen using a chair to bring a young boy to safety, and a man was spotted trekking through waist-deep water.

Workers are feverishly working to try to make sure the water drains, and a lot of people are still waiting to get back in their homes.

Maria Luisa Rivera, a preschool teacher by trade, said those live nearby were told about the tide and possible flooding.

The trouble there, she said, is sometimes you have people who don't want to leave their homes because they think nothing will happen.

Firefighters went in to get the elderly who might not have had the chance to leave their homes, and Cuban authorities have divers on standby.

A command center is being used to stay aware of the situation.

Victor Diaz, who is Cuban but lives in Germany, showed Local 10 News video of when the water started flooding the streets during his visit.

The flooding made it difficult to get to a waterfront hospital and also affected traffic in the late afternoon and early evening.

It's unclear how many people were evacuated from their homes, including tourists who were staying at nearby hotels.

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