South Florida man accused of smearing feces on HOA president's car

Police say Alexander Ankudinov caught on surveillance video

Alexander Ankudinov is accused of smearing feces on a car belonging to his HOA president.

JUPITER, Fla. – A South Florida man was arrested last week after he was caught on surveillance video smearing feces on a car that belonged to the president of his homeowners association, police said.

Alexander Ankudinov is accused of smearing feces on a 2015 Dodge Charger that belongs to Ronald Perholtz, who is president of the Riverwalk community HOA in Jupiter.

According to a Jupiter police report, Perholtz found the feces on his car in October and said he was being targeted by Ankudinov because of disagreements about the HOA rules.

Perholtz showed police surveillance video of a man he identified as Ankudinov smearing feces on his car.

Police said Ankudinov denied having any involvement, even after being told that he was captured on video. Officer Nickolas Brandt warned Ankudinov that any more attempts to harass Perholtz would result in his arrest.

Perholtz called police Wednesday to report another incident of feces on his car. Perholtz said he reviewed the video from the second incident and again recognized Ankudinov as the man who smeared the feces on his car. Perholtz also claimed that Ankudinov had been harassing him on a regular basis, including an incident in which Ankudinov nearly ran into Perholtz's golf cart.

Ankudinov was arrested on a stalking charge. He was later released from jail on a $500 bond.

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