Jury finds Miami-Dade detective guilty of civil rights violations

William Kostopoulos could face up to 22 years in prison

MIAMI – A federal jury convicted William Kostopoulos, a former detective with the Miami-Dade Police Department, on Friday of violating the civil rights of two drivers and obstruction of justice. 

Investigators found the 17-year veteran stopped the two drivers in Homestead for a traffic infraction and then took their cash and property. 

"The defendant abused the power granted to him as a law enforcement officer to prey upon unsuspecting motorists for personal gain and then lied about his criminal actions to investigating detectives," federal prosecutor Thomas Wheeler said. "He violated no only the law, but also the public trust. 

The Miami-Dade and Homestead police departments worked with the FBI on the 2013 case.  

"His actions do not represent all other law enforcement officers who are diligent, hard working professionals," FBI agent George L. Piro said. 

Kostopoulos is set to appear before U.S. District Court Judge Marcia G. Cooke on April 19. He faces a maximum sentence of 22 years in prison. 


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