Second woman comes forward after being attacked by stray dog in Hollywood

Alisa Murphy says she was hospitalized with severe injuries to her foot

HOLLYWOOD, Fla. – A second woman has come forward, speaking exclusively with Local 10 News, after a stray dog viciously attacked her in Hollywood.

Alisa Murphy said she was rushed to Memorial Hospital with severe injuries to her foot in late January.

She believes it's the same dog that attacked another woman in late January and was reported by several Hollywood residents who said they had similar encounters with the animal.

"I was just more scared and in shock than anything, so I was trying to kick it," Murphy said. "It wasn't really working and I was afraid that if I kicked it that it would try to go after the other leg."

Murphy described the dog as a pit bull and said it ran up to her out of nowhere. She said her cousin's boyfriend spent five minutes struggling to get the dog off her outside a home near Johnson Street.

"They (doctors) were talking about amputating it. They're talking about 'try to have her wiggle her feet, her toes,'" Murphy said.

She said the wound became infected and she has remained at the hospital ever since. Click here for information on how to help with her surgeries.

Local 10 News previously interviewed Cindy Laurenfant and her fiancé after they were attacked by a similar dog in late January. Doctors said it was a wonder Laurenfant didn't lose her foot.

The incident happened in the area of 28th Avenue and Fillmore Street.

Laurenfant's fiancé said the dog was difficult to stop.

"It didn't get a yelp or anything," Michael Keesee said. "It's like the more I hit him, the harder he clamped down on her."

Local 10 News is working to get more information from Hollywood police and the city of Hollywood. Check back for updates throughout the week.

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