Woman decapitates man during sex game

(Associated Press)

MUNICH – A woman is on trial in Germany for allegedly decapitating her lover with an electric saw during a bizarre sex game.

The Telegraph reports the woman named Gabielle P, 32, used the saw to cut off the head of her boyfriend, Alex H.

Lawyers for the woman claim she committed the act in self-defense.

The killing, which took place in 2008, was not discovered until February last year when Alex H's body was found in the garden of the home they shared together in Munich.

Gabrielle B claims Alex H, 28, forced her to take part in degrading sex practices, and she originally threw him out of their house in 2008. The two eventually got back together.

According to court records, Alex H told Gabrielle P to tie him to a bed while he was wearing a pair of blacked-out goggles.

It was then that Gabrielle P allegedly sliced his chest with a running circular saw. She then used the saw to behead Alex H.

Gabrielle P left the undisturbed body in the room with only a sheet covering it for six months, until her new boyfriend discovered her former boyfriend.

But instead of alerting police, the new boyfriend, Christian K, helped further dismember the body and buried it in the yard.

Christian K was sentenced to almost 3 years in jail in a separate trial.

German privacy laws prohibit divulging last names of those involved in court trials.