Keys man arrested after stabbing roommate, who's also his wife's boyfriend, police say

Victim intervened when husband confronted wife about their relationship

MONROE COUNTY, Fla. – An Islamorada man was arrested Saturday after he stabbed his roommate, who is also his wife’s boyfriend, the Monroe County Sheriff’s Office reports.

Deputies arrived at the Sea Breeze Trailer Park, which is at mile marker 87.4, at 1:30 a.m. and found the 40-year-old victim outside trailer No. 64, holding his stomach.

 He said he'd been stabbed by a man inside the trailer, Fredrick Kimble, 55.

The victim lives in the trailer with Kimble and Kimble’s wife.

Kimble and his wife are estranged, according to a media release, and the victim and the wife are now a couple.

The victim and his girlfriend told police that they were all outside the trailer together when Kimble and his wife began to argue.

That’s when the victim  intervened and told Kimble to stop yelling at his girlfriend.

The victim said she began to pull him away from Kimble, a media report stated, and it was at that point the victim "felt a stab."

The victim was airlifted to a Miami hospital.

Kimble was then arrested on an aggravated battery charge. The pocket knife used in the stabbing was recovered from his pants pocket, police said.