Miami ranked among world's most clogged traffic cities


MIAMI – Miami is often ranked among the world's top cities for good reasons.

Of course, with the good comes...(cue ominous music)... the bad.

A new traffic study by analytics firm Inrix claims Miami is one of the most clogged cities on the planet.

According to the rankings, when it comes to traffic Miami is the world's 10th worst city. But then again, anyone who drives on Miami highways could have told you that free of charge.

Miami drivers spent an obscene 65 hours sitting in congestion in 2016.

Need more numbers? How about this: Someone driving in the Magic City spent almost 9 percent of their commute in traffic.

And it's not just time being wasted.

A whopping $3.6 billion... that's BILLION... was lost due to direct and indirect costs such as fuel and work time wasted. That's $1,762 per Miami driver.

But if you think it's bad in South Florida, be happy you don't in Los Angeles, the study's pick for most clogged city in the world with drivers spending 104 hours of their time stuck in traffic.

World's Most Clogged Cities:

  • Los Angeles
  • Moscow
  • New York
  • San Francisco
  • Bogota
  • Sao Paulo
  • London
  • Atlanta
  • Paris
  • Miami