Drivers warned of being lured out of car by objects on windshield

FLINT, Mich. – An eagle-eyed woman is warning others about a dangerous set-up designed to lure drivers out of their cars to be robbed by criminals waiting outside.

Victims have been drawn out of their vehicles by strange items placed on their windshields. Once drivers get out of the car or truck to remove the item, the criminals make their move on the distracted victim.

Ashley Hardacre of Flint, Mich. posted a picture on Facebook of a flannel shirt that was wrapped around the windshield wiper of her car as she left her job at a local mall.

Hardacre said she also noticed two cars parked next to hers, one of which had the engine running.

In her post, Hardacre talked about hearing other crimes that began with a lure and quickly drove to a safer location to remove the shirt.

Hardacre, whose Facebook post has already been shared over 100,000 times, thanked her parents for warning her of previous attacks.