Piles of garbage, feces found inside home of animal hoarder

Linda Giaccio in legal trouble after being caught with animals while on bond


LIGHTHOUSE POINTS, Fla. – The home of accused animal hoarder Linda Giaccio was deplorable prior to her arrest.

Animal feces were  caked on the floor and  there were piles of garbage in the house.

 Giaccio is facing 71 felony counts of animal cruelty after her November arrest.

"I would never hurt an animal," she said during a court appearance.  

The Lighthouse Point resident is now out on bond.

On Wednesday, crime scene images from inside the home were released.

The photos portray dozens ofStyrofoam bowls, animal excrement, cages and open wires. There were also no working utilities.

"My whole existence was to try and save the ones that were starving," Giaccio has previously said in court.

Giaccio promised she loved the animals that were in her care.

In the weeks after her arrest, Giaccio has gotten into legal trouble after she was caught with more animals while out on bond.

Giaccio has sworn she is mentally competent to stand trial.