Wildlife officials raid home in southwest Miami-Dade County

Man posts videos of himself with endangered animals, sparking raid

MIAMI-DADE COUNTY, Fla. – Javier Torres was not into talking Thursday about the federal and state raid on his home early in the morning.

He's also not talking about the videos and photos he's posted on his social media sites of himself interacting with endangered wildlife.

More than a dozen state and federal wildlife officers picked the lock of Torres' southwest Miami-Dade County home.

For nearly five hours, they looked for computer equipment, photo and video-related evidence.

Torres had posted several videos on his social media accounts of himself with wildlife. In one he appears to be agitating an alligator in the wild by sitting on it. The animal eventually tosses Torres off and gets away.

In another video, he is holding endangered panther cubs.

There are other videos featuring sharks and snakes.

Neighbors know Torres tries to train pigeons, but there's nothing illegal about that.  

But the endangered panther photo sparked comments and tips to wildlife officers from people concerned with animal welfare, which is likely what caused the investigation. 

Torres has not been charged.

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