Alleged thief of veteran's Corvette claims he was given car to sell

Arturo Breton knew car was stolen, police say

MIAMI –  It’s been a busy couple of days for 72-year-old Omar Sixto. 

The bruises and stitches on his face are fresh, but his pain and discomfort was alleviated Tuesday when police arrested the man they said attacked him Sunday during a carjacking.

The vehicle was found in exactly the same condition as when Sixto last saw it.

Arturo Breton, 23, has been arrested on charges of robbery and aggravated battery, Miami police said.  

"No. 1, I never expected the car to be recovered," Sixto said. "And No. 2, having the guy already arrested is good." 

The Vietnam veteran was washing his Corvette in front of a friend’s house on the corner of Northwest 28th Avenue and Sixth Street in Miami when the attack happened.

Sixto had noticed Breton walking in the area, Miami police said, and continued to attend to his vehicle. He then felt that he had been violently struck from behind and he fell to the ground. 

Police said Sixto continued to feel strikes to his face, head and body before his keys were removed from his front left pocket and the car was stolen. 

The attack left Sixto bleeding from his head, outside his left eye and on other areas of his face. 


Police were able to track down Breton on Tuesday and take him into custody.

Sixto was then shown a photo lineup and was able to identify Breton as the person who struck him and took his car, police said. 

After being read his rights, Breton told police that he got the car from a friend, knew it was stolen and planned on selling it the following day, police said. He then denied participating in the carjacking. 

Sixto said he believes the carjacking was more a crime of opportunity than someone trying to scrap his car for pieces.

Breton appeared in court Wednesday and was ordered held in lieu of a $50,000 bond. He has prior convictions in Florida, including for assault on a law enforcement officer.