VIDEO: Spring breakers use shark to open beer can

Video posted to Instagram received backlash


A video posted to Instagram of spring breakers using a shark's teeth to open their beer can in causing controversy. 

The video, posted to the Instagram page of TotalFratMove, has been viewed over 500,000 times and has gotten mixed reviews from online commenters. 

While some found it amusing, others chimed in on the post saying that this was blatant animal abuse.

TotalFratMove responded to the incident on their website, saying "I can admit that it's in relative poor taste, but it's not so bad that it deserves all of this attention, or even close to it." 

It is unknown where the video was taken but fishing for shark species is legal in Florida. 

The media site aimed at college students encouraged spring breakers to send them their pictures to an Instagram called @tfmspringbreak, which has since been deleted. 

The shark shotgun pic.twitter.com/QdOKEL825r

— TFM (@totalfratmove) March 17, 2017