Miami man arrested after conning woman out of $76,000, police say

Elvis Oduro faces charges in telephone scam


MIAMI – Miami police are hoping to locate anyone who may have been victimized by a man who conned an elderly woman out of $76,000 in a telephone scam.

Elvis Oduro, 22, was arrested and charged with organized fraud for $50,000 or more, and exploitation of the elderly.

According to police, Oduro contacted his 79-year-old victim on March 22 and claimed her grandson was arrested in Chicago and needed bail money. The woman believed she was talking to an attorney and was in fear for her grandson's safety.

The victim followed Oduro's instructions and wired $76,000 to a specific Regions Bank account.

A week after the transfer, Oduro went to a Miami branch of Regions Bank and withdrew $4,000 from the account.

On the same day, Oduro went to another branch and withdrew an additional $20,000.

When Oduro went to a third branch the following day to obtain more money, he was told the bank did not have the funds he was looking to receive.

A Regions Bank investigation showed the funds in Oduro's account had been fraudulently obtained. Police called the victim who confirmed her grandson had never been arrested and she had been the victim of a scam.

Bank employees called police when Oduro returned to the third branch on March 31. Oduro was taken into custody and arrested.