Driver runs over large alligator in Tamarac

Bleeding gator found along Nob Hill Road with road rash

TAMARAC, Fla. – A trapper was called in Sunday to remove an alligator from the middle of a road after a driver apparently ran over it in Tamarac, authorities said.

"They were amazed. They were all stopping, trying to take photos," Broward Sheriff's Office Sgt. Will Medina said.  

Medina said the 8-foot alligator was resting on the median along Nob Hill Road, badly hurt and visibly bleeding.

"It appeared that maybe it was hit by a car, because it had some road rash from the nose up its spine," Medina said.  

Cellphone video shows a trapper from Weston trying to contain the reptile, which was no easy task, despite it being injured.

"It was snapping at him several times," Medina said.

The trapper put a towel over the gator's head several times, to no avail. The gator even went under the trapper's pickup truck at one point.

"This man was there for over nine minutes attempting to trap this alligator. It was an amazing sight to watch him trap the alligator," Medina said.  

The trapper eventually taped the gator’s mouth and gave it a kiss on the snout.

It's unclear whether the gator was euthanized.

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