Father kills daughter, posts video on Facebook before committing suicide

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PHUKET, Thailand – A man killed his 11-month-old daughter and posted the videos on Facebook before killing himself.

The New York Post reports the videos were available on the social media site for 24 hours before they were finally deleted.

The murder occurred in Phuket, Thailand where Wuttisan Wongtalay is shown in videos tying a rope around his daughter's neck and dropping her from the roof of a building.

Two clips showing the killing were posted to Facebook.

Wongtalay did not broadcast his suicide, but his body was found next to his daughter.

“He was having paranoia about his wife leaving him and not loving him,” the police officer on the case told Reuters.

The murder-on-video comes just a week after a man shot and killed a man in Cleveland, Ohio and posted it to Facebook.

Steve Stephens later killed himself days later after a brief police chase.