Alleged 'Cocaine Cowboy' makes appearance before federal judge in Miami

Gustavo Falcon on the run for 26 years before arrest

MIAMI – The last time Gustavo Falcon was in Miami, he had just been named in an 1991 indictment as one of the notorious "Cocaine Cowboys." 

He had been on the run until he was arrested on April 13 at his Kissimmee home.

Falcon made his first appearance in a Miami federal court on Tuesday. The hearing took less than two minutes. 

"I have no feel for the case right now. We haven't discussed the substance of the case," Howard Srebnick, Falcon’s attorney, said.

Falcon's wife and adult children were not at the hearing, but other family members attended. 

Also there was Orlando Lorenzo, otherwise known as “Bennie B,” who was named in the original indictment.

Lorenzo served 14 years after making a plea deal. He was also represented by Srebnick. 

The 1991 indictment tells the story of the "Cocaine Cowboys," which was led by Falcon's brother, Willie, and his high school buddy, Sal Magluta.

Authorities said 75 tons of  cocaine were smuggled into the U.S. over 13 years, generating more than $2 billion in cash and assets for the defendants.

Authorities said they were living the high life while Miami deteriorated into violent drug wars. Their eventual road to justice included charges of  money laundering, witness murders and jury tampering, authorities said. 

"One thing I'm sure of is that on May 11 we'll enter a plea of 'not guilty' and demand a trial by jury," Srebnick said.

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