After crashing car, 29-year-old man dies trying to catch train

Victim in Tri-Rail incident identified as Mohamed Slimani

POMPANO BEACH, Fla. – Mohamed Slimani was spared after a car crash on Friday. But when authorities towed his car, he decided to take the Tri-Rail back home to West Palm Beach. He never made it. 

A witness said he died in an attempt to get in the train as the doors were closing. A Tri-Rail passenger said he watched in horror as Slimani, 29, fell under the train at the Pompano Beach station.

The departing northbound Tri-Rail train struck and killed him. Broward Sheriff's Office spokeswoman Keyla Concepcion said the death "appears to be accidental."

Nabil Slimani said his brother was driving his car to work when he crashed. He and his roommate, Mahmoud Akkari, said they were in shock.

Akkari said, "What do you think when you hear your closest friend at this moment is no longer around?" 

The northbound track was closed during the investigation. Tri-Rail spokeswoman Bonnie Arnold said the accident affected the 250 passengers on board the northbound train.


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