Tow truck driver found dead under vehicle attached to truck in Plantation

Cause of death under investigation

PLANTATION, Fla. – A tow truck driver was found dead Friday morning under a vehicle that was attached to his truck, authorities said.

Plantation police said they were called about a traffic accident in a parking lot at 8100 W. Broward Blvd.

Officers arrived to find the tow truck driver's body under the vehicle.

The driver was identified later in the afternoon as Francisco Canjura, 34, of Tamarac.

The cause of death is under investigation, but one of the owners of the repossession company, Prowler Recovery, told Local 10 News reporter Layron Livingston that it appears that his employee didn't secure the vehicle well enough and the SUV ran over him.

"He was taking the car out of gear because it was an all-wheel drive vehicle," Stuart Weinstock said. "He got underneath it, didn't realize that he left the truck in drive and it crushed him."

Weinstock said Canjura worked for his company for 12 years.

"This kid was just a down to earth, good-hearted, hard-working, unbelievable individual, and for this to happen is just a mess, man," Weinstock said.

A larger tow truck was brought it to lift the SUV so authorities could remove the victim's body.


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