Carnival Sensation returns to Miami due to medical emergency

Passenger taken to area hospital for treatment

MIAMI – Passengers aboard the Carnival Sensation were on their way to Jamaica when the ship had to return to Miami due to a medical emergency. 

The ship was at sea for 13 hours before it returned and was about 90 miles south southeast of the Miami Sea Bouy at the time they'd requested help, according to Miami-Dade Fire Rescue.

Rescue crews attempted to reach the ill woman on one of their fireboats but the waters were too rough to provide a safe medical transport back to PortMiami. 

Instead the ship went to Government Cut where the medical transfer took place in calmer waters. 

The patient, who is from Chile, was taken to a nearby hospital for treatment.

The two two family members who were with the woman accompanied her to the hospital. 

There was a rumor onboard the ship that someone had died, according to Larry Wynn, a passenger on the ship. That rumor turned out to be untrue.

 "We were supposed to be returning around Thursday. This coming up Thursday which is five days from now," Wynn said. "Carnival officials are telling us that it’s a medical emergency."

The cruise has since returned on its voyage.