Farmers turnout to protests in rural area of Venezuela

Maduro's opposition plans 3 more days of protests this week

Courtesy of Gabriel Gallo
Courtesy of Gabriel Gallo

YARACUY, Venezuela – Attorney Gabriel Gallo stood with a group of farmers in the back of a green tractor during a protest on Tuesday in an agricultural area in northern Venezuela. 

As a member of the Voluntad Popular political party, Spanish for "The Will of the People," Gallo shared photos on social media showing a long line of tractors behind him in Yaracuy's municipality of Nirguay

"We want change, peace, freedom, security," he said in a video he shared on Twitter.  

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro's opposition continued to keep up momentum during planned protests on Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday. 

"We want those who are in government to think about their people who are enduring hunger," Gallo said.  

Maduro's opposition in the agricultural sector blame the food shortages mostly on the socialist measures that forced farmers to sell produce for less than the cost of production.

Venezuelans are also facing soaring inflation, a medical crisis, attacks on freedom of the press, the use of military tribunals on civilians, soaring crime and reports of police brutality. 

Maduro blames his opposition for the crisis and for attempting to overthrow him with the backing of the Venezuelan elite in Miami and the support of President Donald Trump's administration. His slogan remains, "We will overcome!"

In the streets of Caracas, protesters have been facing a repressive force that has been using water cannons and tear gas canisters to disperse large crowds since April. 

As violence flares, the opposition blames the increasing death toll on the pro-maduro armed militias known as the "colectivos," and Maduro and his administration blames the unrest on groups of vandals.

Demonstrators promoting the protests on social media said they wanted to show that the majority of Venezuelans are determined to remove Maduro's socialist government.

This week's schedule in Caracas includes "Nocturnal Marches" with candles on Wednesday, a "Big March" on Thursday, and the "We Are Millions" nationwide march on Saturday.

The invitation distributed on Monday by the Democratic Unity Roundtable, a coalition of political parties pushing for presidential elections, urged Venezuelans to remember that "those who get tired lose."

Local 10 News Andrea Torres reported from Miami.

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