Woman claims to find squid-like substance in coconut water bottle


GOSHEN, N.Y. – A New York woman says she found a squid-like substance that made her violently ill in a bottle off coconut water.

Barbara Kline told WABC she noticed something tasted wrong after taking a sip of Vita Coco water on April 25.

"I swallowed a big clump. It was really nasty and it tasted really thick," Kilne says.

After opening the bottle, Kline found some kind of substance that looks life-like or moldy.

Kline said she began continuously vomiting for almost a week, and then suffered from diarrhea.

After posting the images of the disgusting mass to her Facebook page, Kline says Vita Coco asked for the substance so it can be tested, but she refused.

The company believes the package was opened or unrefrigerated, allowing what they call "random spoilage."

Kline, who says that she was just looking for closure and not money, wants it to be tested by an independent lab.



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